2020 RIKARD Riesling


Colour: Pale with green highlights


Nose: A floral & citrus duopoly. Lime juice & jasmine with a hint of lanolin & shortbread


Palate: Taught & crisp. There’s kaffir lime & honeydew. Textured & slightly creamy on the finish. It has lovely length & freshness.


A different approach to a conventional Riesling. We’ve chosen to balance the natural racy acidity of the variety not with sweetness, but with texture and mouthfeel.


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Bunch & berry size were small this year which gave great concentration of flavour. We pulled back on the skin contact component of the wine this year because of it. The higher skin/juice ratio brought the potential to overdo the extraction and make the Riesling too phenolic. Natural acidity was high and to temper this without leaving residual sugar. The barrels are old & not adding flavour as such but lees stirring them builds mid-palate texture. Freshness & delicacy as always is key in Riesling.


Still a Riesling but with more dimensions.