2020 RIKARD Riesling


Colour: Pale with green highlights


Nose: A floral & citrus duopoly. Lime juice & jasmine with a hint of lanolin & shortbread


Palate: Taught & crisp. There’s kaffir lime & honeydew. Textured & slightly creamy on the finish. It has lovely length & freshness.


A different approach to a conventional Riesling. We’ve chosen to balance the natural racy acidity of the variety not with sweetness, but with texture and mouthfeel.


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Typically a variety with thin skins and prone to disease, the dry conditions of V20 led to immaculate fruit. Bunch & berry size were small this year which gave great concentration of flavour. We omitted any skin contact component of the wine this year. Natural acidity was ideal with good mid-palate fruit intensity and the barrel fermented/aged component is 30%. The barrels are old & not adding flavour as such but lees stirring them builds mid-palate texture. Freshness & delicacy as always is key in Riesling.


Still a Riesling but with more dimensions.